About Us
Ennovate Group Inc. (EGI) a leading company in HIPPA compliant medical transcription and billing to various clients across US and Canada. Our aim is to eliminate back office operations like medical transcription, and make it easily accessible, efficient and secured. With our extensive experience in highly specialized fields, we are one of the largest transcription services across US and Canada, providing world class service with the best quality.
EGI is headquartered in California which its branches in various major cities of US and Canada. Our team consists of experts on medical transcription, editors and proof readers who always deliver a quality of 99.9% accuracy. We are very stringent about the privacy and confidentiality of your records. Data access within the organization is only through authentication codes and our antivirus softwares are regularly updated for any suspicious item threats. We have a 24 x 7 customer support which is only a call away via our toll free numbers.
EGI offers pioneer quality service with unbeatable cost and fast turnaround time, which means our clients get full value for their money and also reduce their work load. Our mission is to provide pioneer service to our valuable clients through the production of topmost quality reports in the stipulated time frame. Our team is a combination of talent and experience, drawn from various fields. They strive to make our clients comfortable and make their work life hassle free. At EGI work doesn’t commence and end with the client’s project, we believe we are responsible – to our clients, to our teams, and the society at large. Our ultimate goal is to provide best service which is flawless.
Our Key Features:

    Unbeatable cost

» fast turnaround time
» Easy access to EMR records
» Round the Clock Support
» Advanced options of E-signing of medical report
» HIPAA Compliance
Our specialties:
EGI is one of the most sought after medical transcription service provider with a vast customer base in US and Canada. Our client base ranges from various hospitals, healthcare centers, clinics and physicians whom we provide accurate transcription service at a quick turnaround time and with an unbeatable cost. Our services vary from streams as complex as Cardiology, Oncology, Radiology, Gynecology, Orthopedics, and many more. Other than the standard medical transcription jobs we even cater specialty based transcriptions like patient chart, H & P notes, Family practice transcription, Progress notes, Chart notes, Emergency room, Discharge summary, Adolescent medicine, Internal medicine, Allergy immunology, Surgery notes, HL-7, medical reports, Clinic note, Doctor note transcription, Clinical summary, Group Practices, Endocrinology, and H & P notes.
At EGI, we have a three level transcribing system where dictations are transcribed by a Medical Transcriptionist, then checked by a Proffer and last but not the least edited by the editor to make sure that the quality standards are maintained. We have toll free dictations which consists of facilities like computer based dictation, digital recorders etc.
Due to the increasing demand of quality and uniqueness of medical practice, our team is specially trained for and eventually put into a specific practice. The training consists of mastering different word processing softwares, English grammar, typing skills and many more. We offer transcription services in almost every possible domain of medical practice. Few of them listed below:
  Emergency Medicine
  Neurological Surgery   Ophthalmology   Otolaryngology   Pathology   Colon & Rectal Surgery
  Internal Medicine
  Emergency Medicine   Radiology   Medical Genetics   Pediatrics   Neurology
  Family Practice   

Nuclear Medicine



  Orthopedic Surgery   Ophthalmology   Obstetrics &   Gynecology   Otolaryngology
  Allergy & Immunology   Physical Medicine &   Rehabilitation   Anesthesiology   ECG report   Dermatolology   MRI report
  SOAP note   MRA report   Clinical note   Cardiology  Consultation note   Consultation note   Gastroenterology   Consultation note
  Operative Report   Ophthalmology Consultation note   Discharge Summary   Dermatology   Consultation note   Chart note   Pediatric
  Clinical Summary
  Podiatry   Radiology report   Pulmonology   EEG report   Neonatology
  Otolaryngology Consultation   note   Nuclear radiology

  Cytopathology   Consultation note

  Obstetrics   Radiology   Consultation note   Allergy & Immunology
  Electrophysiology   Consultation note   Nephrology   Urology   Rheumatology   Toxicology   Endocrinology
  Medical Billing   Medical Coding   Patient chart typing   Consults note   Gastro Intestinal   Reports   Orthopedics Reports
  Electromyography(EMG)   Reports   Preventive Medicine   Urology   Psychiatry   Orthopedic   Consultation note   Surgery
  Geriatrics Consultation note   Thoracic Surgery (including   Cardiothoracic Surgery)   Gynecology   Consultation   note   Dentistry   Psychology   Consultation note   Emergency medicine
  Physiology Consultation note   Infectious disease   Anesthesiology   Physical medicine and   rehab   Hematology   Consultation note   Genetics
  Oncology   Adolescent medicine   Pathology   Pain management   Medical Claims   Processing   Terminology
  Medical Records Typing   Trichology   Pulmonary Reports   Transcription   ENT    
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